Social Media           Management


I've attracted over 180,000 organic, engaged, and loyal followers while independently managing my social media presence over multiple platforms. I've developed social media campaigns, created unique content (several memes have gone viral), and curated content from related media outlets. I'm skilled at moderating comments tactfully on contentious issues and deleting disruptive comments as necessary to keep posts productive and on topic. My posts have proven to resonate with readers based on the hundreds of messages I've received about the positive impact of my work.


I monitor news and social media outlets on a daily basis to find relevant stories, draft and schedule multiple daily postings. I gauge audience reactions (comments, likes, shares, etc.) along with page analytics to determine popular topics and preferred forms of media to drive site traffic, engagement, and brand awareness. I've developed unique social media campaigns, and I also create visual media/image macros/memes and original blog posts.


  • content creation

  • branding